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TPC's innovative 3D garment engineering technology will bring enormous value to the garment industry by streamlining the whole logistics, in particular:
Significantly reducing lead time in product development through the automation of pattern creation process. This is particularly important to an industry characterized by high style variation, low quantity per SKU and extremely short shelf life;
Drastically reducing the chance of producing "ill-fitting" clothes which will have to be cleared at heavy discounts. Studies show that at least 50% of lost sales opportunities and sales returns (typical for catalog and online sales) are due to "fit" problems. TPC provides an effective means to address such inefficiencies; and
Effectively controlling costs. By reducing the dependence on human skills, manufacturers have greater flexibility to relocate production to more cost-effective centers.
As a pioneer in offering this unique technology, TPC will in turn reap great benefits from the revolutionary changes it is going to bring to the global garment industry.

TPC technology has already been adopted by a number of sizable manufacturers in various garment product specialties in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. It has proved to be able to enhance the aesthetics, comfort and motion functionality of a piece of garment, thereby offering the feeling of 'well-fit' and 'nice-looking'. This is one of the essential elements that distinguishes some renowned European fashion names from others. TPC technology offers manufacturers an unprecedented means to enhance the value of their products which will in turn increase the opportunities of export and trade of their residing countries.